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Dream Oaks Summer Camp FAQ

Q: Where do the campers sleep? 

A: Your camper will be sleeping in a Dream Oaks cabin during his/her week of camp. Bed linens and pillows are not provided. 

Q: Where can I find pictures from Camp? 

A: Pictures of the week’s activities will be taken and periodically posted on our Facebook and Instagram (@foundationfordreams) as well as on our Dream Oaks Camp App. All pictures will be organized by sessions to make browsing easy. Be sure to search Dream Oaks Camp in the Google Play Store and Apple App store. It’s completely free! 

Q: Are cell phones allowed at Camp?

A: Cell Phones are not allowed at Camp. Please leave all electronics such as iPods, gaming systems, and tablets at home. If your camper needs the support of an electronic communication device, please inform our Camp Director prior to camp. 

Q: Are vistors allowed during a Camp session?

A: Due to COVID-19, there will be no personal visits by family and friends during the camp session. Visits can also contribute to homesickness in your camper, as well as others in the group. 

Q: Are Camp scholarships available?

A: Scholarships are available for Day Camp and Residential Camp, but are limited. Submitting your families’ financial forms to our Camp office will authorize use of our sliding scale to determine if your family qualifies for assistance. 

Q: What activities are availble at Camp?

A: Each camp session has a theme and activities designed and tailored to meet each child’s needs and strengthen their abilities. Activities include sports and games, canoeing, arts & crafts, horseback riding, swimming, talent shows, campfires, and much more! Each activity is strategically adapted to target specific, individualized goals that produce a more comprehensive skill set and productive behaviors. 

Q: Does Camp food accomodate dietary restrictions?

A: Dream Oaks Camp does have non-meat options, and we try to offer gluten-free items/options at all meals. However, we cannot always fully accommodate these restrictions. If your camper is vegetarian/gluten-free and you are concerned, we ask that you send them with additional food to supplement what is being served. 

If your camper has any other dietary restrictions/sensitivities that will require specific food, utensils/equipment, or thickeners, we ask that you send any and all necessary items to make their week the most successful possible. 

Q:  Does Camp food accomodate food allergies?

A: If your camper has a food allergy please be certain that it is noted on his/her application. Please record how the reaction presents, and anything that can trigger the reaction. Please be as specific as possible. When you arrive at camp be sure to go over the specifics of the allergy with your campers’ counselor. 

Q: What time is summer camp check-in?

A: Residential Campers check-in at 8:30 a.m. and Day Campers check-in at 8 a.m.

Summer Drop-Off Procedure

  1. Arrive in the parking lot at your designated time with face mask
  2. Meet designated staff to receive “check-in number”
    • This will be your number as you move through appropriate stations.
      • Health Screening & Questionnaire
      • Luggage Drop Off
      • Registration (Check in with Camp Office)
      • Nurse (medication drop-off)
      • Good Bye Area
  3. Drive through to the main exit
  4. Relax. We’ve got this and your child is going to have a GREAT time!!

Q: What time is summer camp check out? 

A: Day Campers can be picked up at 6:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday. On Friday parents check-out time is no later than 2:30 p.m.

Summer Pick-Up Procedure

  1. Arrive in the parking lot at your designated time with face mask
  2. Meet designated staff to receive “check-out number”
    • This will be your number as you move through appropriate stations
      • Pick up End of Session Report/Submit Survey/Sign Out
      •  Nurse (Medication Pick-up) 
      • Luggage Pick Up
      • Meet Child in Good-Bye Area
  3. Drive through to the main exit
  4. Watch the video message from staff and enjoy pictures of your child’s time at camp.

Q: Can I call my camper during a Camp session?

A: Camp is a great environment for your camper to become more social and more independent, so we ask that your limit phone calls to emergencies only to the Camp Director. If any issues or medical problems occur we will contact you immediately. 

Q: What meals are provided at Camp? 

A: Residential Campers will receive Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. Day Campers will receive Lunch and Snacks. (Make sure to have a good breakfast before Camp!)

 Q: How has Camp prepared for COVID-19?

A: In preparation for this summer camp season, we are committed to following the guidance from the U.S Center for Disease Control, American Camp Association, and our local health department. Our management team has revised and enhanced our policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our campers, prior to arrival at Dream Oaks Camp. For more information, please contact

Click here to view the “Field guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidelines”


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